Attendance management system and more with mobile check-in

Drive your company's 1
digital transformation forward

Are you tired of paperwork and complicated workflows?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could register over time, paid holidays, temporary leave from your mobile devices?

 Why NikoNiko?

Easy Check-in, Check-out from any where, on any devices

Ideal for those looking to introduce a hybrid system combining remote and in-office work

 Staff Features

Effortlessly check in and out from any device

(iOS / Android / PC), wherever you are.

Quick Apply for any request

Staffs can easily apply for tickets for overtime, paid holidays, and temporary leaves using the app.


Receive notification from managers or admin when forgetting to check in.

 Admin / Managers Features

monitor staff mood

Record and manage staff's mood by checking emotional score.

Quick Setup

Templates ensure that all staff information can be imported easily

Thereafter, staff login information is set up automatically.

Company organization Setup

Set up general information, User roles and departments, organization layer and reporting lines as well as working days and times at no additional cost.

Employee database

Easy management of staff info, flexibly adding and editing information or disabling/deleting accounts when necessary.

manage staff request conviently

Administrators can accept or reject staff requests for overtime or holidays.

export a variety of data types

Including staff database, attendance report, overtime details, emotional score.


Keep your team up to date with manager and admin announcements.

knowledge sharing

Build a collaborative internal knowledge base at your company as a form of internal SNS.

Ex. Sharing working rules, knowledge, onboarding information,...


Customize to make it your own system, tackle issues that are relevant to you.

 Quick Setup