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With AI-powered cloud attendance system and standardized workforce management processes, NikoNiko empowers businesses to build thriving employee cultures.

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Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Talent Management with Ease

In the face of global talent shortages, managing employees with diverse backgrounds is a critical challenge. Niko Niko, our cloud-based AI facial recognition attendance management system, offers the ease of implementation and scalability of the cloud for seamless HR management from recruitment to offboarding. Boost employee satisfaction and achieve effective talent management with Niko Niko

AI-Powered Cloud Attendance System

AI-driven Facial Recognition Check-In System with Emotion Analysis

Easily manage the motivation of diverse employees with various backgrounds using AI-powered facial recognition for seamless check-in/out registration. NikoNiko is tailored for remote/hybrid work, allowing employees to check in anytime, anywhere, on any device. Managers gain accurate insights into their team's well-being. Experience the convenience of cloud-based attendance management.

* You can also control where check-ins and check-outs are permitted.

Employee's Motivation
Data Visualization

Diverse Insights through Multi-Perspective Talent Management

Unlock a wealth of insights by visualizing your company's workforce data from multiple perspectives, simplifying effective talent management for managers while reducing their workload. Leveraging AI and cloud technology, this approach streamlines attendance and workforce management challenges.

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Multi-Device Compatibility Without Specialized Equipment

Experience the convenience of a cloud-based system ready to use across multiple devices, eliminating the need for specialized equipment.

Leave Request and OT Management

Streamline leave requests and overtime management with NikoNiko's cloud-based system. Managers can easily approve or reject requests, and employees can check their leave balances and request time off with ease.

All data in one place

For Managers

Staff Database

Integrate attendance tracking with overall employee management to significantly reduce back-office workload. Our cloud-based system offers a seamless solution for managing staff attendance and administrative tasks.

  • Quick access to staff information (headcount, onboarding, offboarding)
  • Easily view aggregated staff statistics with flexible options.
Employee Database
Data Visualization

For HR

Manage Employee Information and Facilitate Flexible Integration with Other Systems

By implementing an Attendance System, HR departments can easily aggregate employee data, facilitating not only attendance and leave tracking but also motivation management, profile maintenance, and utilization as master data.

  • Export attendance data to CSV for integration with payroll systems.
  • Share the staff database with Spreadsheet/CSV for use as a master staff database in other systems.

Manage Employee Information and Facilitate Flexible Integration with Other Systems

Small and medium-sized enterprises face significant challenges in talent management, especially due to limited managerial expertise. By centralizing all processes like recruitment, training, and evaluation into a streamlined system, NikoNiko solutions support you to build and maximize your employee potential

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Consolidated System

Simplifies complex processes with intuitive design, quick setups and data-secured
to simple

Clutter-free Experience

Continuously improves based on your needs to bring better experiences

Dedicated Support

Supports managers to lead better with helpful tools and data-driven insights
data driven

Effective Management

Integrates attendance tracking with overall employee management to helps reduce back-office workload
back office

Ease Back-Office Work

Improves employee experiences with well-defined onboarding and evaluation processes
employee satisfaction

High Employee Satisfaction

Manages the entire employee life cycle on a single platform with less tedious paperwork

NikoNiko helps increase


Faster Onboarding


Leadership Ability


Talent retained


Overall Performance

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How does a long face recognition reading distance affect recognition accuracy?
The range of shooting distances at which recognition accuracy can be maintained to some extent is from 50 cm to 1 m. Also, as for the minimum recognition distance, each lens mounted on the device has a different focal length. We will share the minimum recognition distance as soon as the actual device to be used is determined.
What about wearing masks and glasses during check-in?
Wearing masks or glasses may affect recognition if there's a significant difference from the registered face. For accurate attendance tracking, we recommend consistency with registration details. Our AI-powered system adapts to diverse facial features and scenarios.
Does the system support simultaneous recognition of multiple faces?
Currently, our system doesn't support simultaneous recognition. However, we're flexible to integrate this feature upon request. Our cloud-based solution offers scalable attendance management and talent recognition options.
How long does it take for face recognition to read?
Our system typically completes face recognition within 2 to 3 seconds. Recognition can be faster if the face directly faces the camera, often within 1 second. With our cloud-powered solution, attendance tracking ensures efficient and accurate management.
What is 'Vibes' and its significance?
Explore 'Vibes' and its role in our Motivation Management and Talent Management features on our dedicated page. Our advanced algorithms and cloud-based technology analyze and enhance employee motivation and performance.

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