Attendance management system with face recognition function implemented

To save time and money in time and attendance management,

why not implement an attendance management system with facial recognition function?

What is FaceRecognition?

 The face recognition function analyzes the face photo taken by the camera and compares it with registered face data for accurate and quick authentication.


NikoNiko offers simple time and attendance management in SaaS format that is not tied to work location or work hours. NikoNiko provides easy check-in and check-out from the application, a powerful organizational database, and visualization of employees' mental health.



Importance of NikoNiko System in Time and Attendance Management

Accurate time management is important for attendance control. Facial recognition reduces human error

by eliminating tedious paperwork and complicated workflows.

It also makes it easy to register and approve overtime, paid vacations, and temporary leave.

Export employee attendance time data in CSV format

Access NikoNiko and check in wherever you are

Support employee motivation                                                     by Facial recognition functionality




By reading the emotions on employees' faces when employee attendance at work each day,

you can get a sense of the overall mood of the

your team.

Based on this, you can improve the work environment and internal activities.






What are the features of "Nico Nico Attendance Management System"?

Effortlessly check in and out from any device

(iOS / Android / PC), wherever you are.

Quick Apply for any request

Staffs can easily apply for tickets for overtime, paid holidays, and temporary leaves using the app.


Receive notification from managers or admin when forgetting to check in.

Check it out on Youtube!

Case Studies


Our attendance management system with face recognition function is used by many companies.

IT industry with 200 employees
Accurate and quick verification of attendance during teleworking is now possible.
Manufacturing with 20 employees
 Productivity has increased due to more efficient manufacturing processes.


Frequently asked questions are listed here. If you have any questions, please check here.


How does a long face recognition reading distance affect recognition accuracy?
The range of shooting distances at which recognition accuracy can be maintained to some extent is from 50 cm to 1 m.
Also, as for the minimum recognition distance, each lens mounted on the device has a different focal length.
We will share the minimum recognition distance as soon as the actual device to be used is determined.



Regarding the wearing of masks and glasses

In cases where the registered face and the check-in face are very different,
it may be recognized that the actual check-in face is different, which may affect the accuracy of the system. Therefore, we recommend that you check in with the same face as when you registered.


Does the system support cases where many people's faces appear at the same time ?
Currently, this feature is not yet supported.
If requested, it will be supported.


What is the face recognition reading time?


It takes about 2 to 3 seconds maximum.

Recognition is possible within 1 second if the face is facing the front of the camera.


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